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We create sounds that paint emotions

We are two experienced specialists offering a wide range of services, such as music production, audiobook recording, mixing and mastering. We operate on both the Polish and international markets. We invite you to discover our projects and learn more about how we can support your musical endeavors!


Our History

For decades, Grzegorz Stasiuk and Robert Korzeniewski have been central figures in the music industry, serving as producers, musicians, and experts in this vibrant field. Grzegorz, deeply involved with Polish artists, has contributed his unique expertise to record production, songwriting, and live concerts. Meanwhile, Robert, an experienced DJ, has carved out his career on the international club and dance music circuit.

Their paths converged when Grzegorz invited Robert to join his podcast "Na Setkę." Following seven years abroad in Malta, Robert made the decision to return to Poland, marking a new chapter in their musical journeys. Upon hearing of Robert's return, Grzegorz proposed immediate collaboration. This union of two music enthusiasts, blending their experiences and visions, laid the groundwork for exciting projects and a creative explosion of sounds.

Meet The Team

Pianist, producer, arranger, composer, and ICC coach – he boasts a 25-year career on the vibrant domestic music scene.

As a musician, he has shared the stage with notable performers such as Krystyna Prońko, Janusz Radek, Maryla Rodowicz, Marek Piekarczyk, Łukasz Zagrobelny, Kasia Wilk, Daniel Moszczyński, and Ola Nizio.

In his role as a producer, arranger, and composer, he has collaborated with a diverse array of artists, including Maciej Maleńczuk & Psychodancing (with a decade-long partnership), Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz, Anna Jurksztowicz, Adam Wolski, Krzysztof "Dżawor" Jaworski, Jacek Wójcicki, Antek Smykiewicz, Lika, Soul&Luna (Hamburg), Leon Voci (Ukraine), Paulina Romaniuk (Voice of Poland), Karolina Szczurowska (Voice of Kids), and Becky Sangolo (Kenya).

For the past decade, he has helmed his own production recording studio "STUDIO 7 PIĘTRO," concurrently co-hosting the music talk-show "NA SETKIE" with music producer Kris Górski. Presently, he serves as the musical director for Jacek Wójcicki, produces for Karolina Szczurowska and Maciej Miecznikowski, and plays keyboards in Tomek Lipiński's band.

His professional accolades include winning the 1st Prize in the Opole 2009 Premier Competition with Maciej Maleńczuk & Psychodancing, obtaining seven Platinum albums for the same band, securing the Grand Prix for Anna Cyzon at the Carpathia Rzeszów Festival 2016, and contributing to over 100 album recordings for both domestic and international markets as a producer, musician, arranger, and instrumentalist.

Robert Korzeniewski, also known as Mr. Root, is a skilled music producer, remixer, and DJ who spent seven years living in Malta. His extensive experience and versatile talents have earned him recognition as an accomplished and award-winning artist.

One of his notable successes includes the 2021 single "Summertime Beat ft Noor," which garnered acclaim across Europe, showcasing his knack for crafting hit tracks that ignite dance floors worldwide.

Robert further solidified his reputation with his remix of the disco classic "Gave Me Some More" by legends KC & The Sunshine Band, Toni Moran, and Nile Rogers, reaching the number one spot on the US Billboard Dance Chart.

Collaborating with esteemed artists like Jerry Ropero, Bimbo Jones, Monika Jarosińska, Justyna Steczkowska, Paweł Stasiak, Kathy Brown, Rozalla, and Dany Cohiba underscores his versatility as both a producer and DJ. His tracks have found homes on respected labels such as Pacha Recordings (Ibiza), Energise Records (UK), Hed Kandi (UK), Proper Decent Choons (UK), and Swishcraft Records (USA). Mr. Root's music has enjoyed airplay on radio stations in the UK, USA, and Malta.

With chart-topping hits in Poland, Spain, and Germany, as well as inclusion on radio playlists in Great Britain and the USA, Mr. Root has left an indelible mark on the global music scene. His performances in Ibiza, including residencies at the legendary Cafe Del Mar club, attest to his prowess. Additionally, he has lent his production talents to projects like X-Factor Malta and serves as a co-owner of the esteemed British label Proper Decent Choons.

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