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Our studio is located in Warsaw and offers professional equipment and excellent working conditions for our clients.

Although our studio was established recently, our experience dates back many years. During this time, we have built an impressive portfolio, collaborating with both Polish and foreign artists, labels and television programs. Our portfolio includes dozens of songs, remixes and music videos.

We are up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the field of music production


Our studio offers a wide range of music production services, and our arsenal includes devices from such renowned brands as Bricasti, SSL, DPA, Looptrotter, Mytek, Chandler, Adam Audio, APS, ATC Audio, Elysia and Universal Audio. In the mastering track, we use the SSL Fusion and SSL Bus+ set and the Mytek 8x192 analog summing unit.


In the recording process, we use microphones from Manley, Neumann, DPA, UAD, Rode and Shure, as well as preamps from Millennia Media, SSL, UAD and DBX. Our monitoring is based on renowned studio speaker brands such as APC, ADAM AUDIO, EVE AUDIO, Yamaha NS 10 and Avantone.


Our studio also offers a variety of instruments, including Nord Stage 3, Arturia albobrute, Novation Nova, Roland 5050, Emu E 5000, Korg M1 and many virtual instruments from manufacturers such as Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, ReFX and many others. We also use the latest plug-ins from renowned brands, including Waves, Native Instruments, Plugin Alliance, Universal Audio, SSL and many others.

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